13 Travel Essentials One Might Forget 

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas August 2, 2022
Updated 2022/08/02 at 4:23 PM

Travelling after a pandemic and all the restrictions is like a breath of fresh air, but packing for the same is an entirely different story. The last moment of packing leads to us forgetting about essentials. Or we forget about the most mundane but important things that are absolutely necessary for the trip. Here is a list of all the Travel Essentials one might forget about in a rush. 

Leaving alone the forgotten pyjamas and toothbrushes, these are a few of the essentials one needs to secure for any trip. 

1. IDs and Vaccination Certificates: After this pandemic, many places might not force restrictions but there are specific rules which just cannot be broken. IDs are a must and it’s something one might forget in a rush. It’s mandatory to carry the digitalized and actual documents. 

2. Reservation Details & Tickets: Nowadays almost everything is done online, but that doesn’t mean that certifications and details are no longer valid. Making a folder for all the tickets and hotel reservations makes everything easier and much more organized. Even if one has hard copy of tickets and reservations, the travel wallet is a great purchase to keep everything in place. 

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3. Health Tracking: Technology has made living easier. One can wear a smartwatch which can serve the purpose of various health devices in one. A smartwatch can keep track of once, pulse, Spo2 level, heartbeat, menstrual dates and so much more. 

4. Chargers and Power banks: Forgetting chargers are not as strange as it sounds. Even if we need it all the time, they are often forgotten hanging from our house electric boards. Powerbanks are a must for long trips where one is stuck in vehicles for long periods of time, away from any electric points. 

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5. Earpods which double as earmachines:  The elderly or people with cognitive disorders might need ear machines to aid with their hearing. Advanced technology has made it possible to double earpods as earmachines, and these are a necessity on a trip.  

6. An alternative source of money & spare cash: In this digitalized world, everyone is now more comfortable with online payments and cards but it’s always wise to carry some cash money for emergencies. Maybe it’s a remote area which is still on the underdeveloped side or there are no ATMs around you high up in the mountains. Cash can come in and save the day. 

7. Medicines: Going on a trip with some essential medication isn’t smart. For the elderly and the people who are on a lot of medication, it is wise to you apps to time medication and adds reminders and timers so one doesn’t miss them in the excitement of the trip. A few apps which might be of help are – Google Calendar, AnyDo, etc. 

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8. Portable Water filters: Clean water in itself is a necessity but it’s in scarcity in some places.It is wise to carry a water filter especially if one plans a trip to the mountains or forests. These versatile filters are known as lifestraws and are readily available on Amazon and Flipkart. 

9. Portable Spring Balance: Flights adjusting the weight of bags is a whole different ordeal. It’s best to carry around a portable spring balance to weigh your bags so that they don’t cross the permissible limit after packing in the shopping items on the way home. 

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10. Cable Management: Nobody likes tangled wires and having to worry if their mouse and portable keyboard are in a safe condition. Cable management bags are compact, they save space and can be compartmentalized as per need. 

11. Key Organizer: the entanglement of house keys and car keys and all that’s necessary leads to us losing them. To prevent this Orbitkey has come up with a key organizer which keeps all your keys in one place and it’s compact and easy to use.  

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12. Universal Plug Adaptor: These are versatile plug-ins which make sure one can plug in their electronics doesn’t matter what kind of plug point it is. This is a lesser-known necessity. 

13. Portable Router / Wifi: Getting a portable wifi/router goes a long way because mobile data might have poor connectivity. All hotels provide with wifi there is no way to be sure of the speed and (or) security. With portable wifi, these problems are avoided. 

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Packing can be overwhelming sometimes but this list of Travel Essentials brings to you some of the genius inventions of technology which makes our lives so much easier and are made for avid travellers. 


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