Amazon unveiled a preview of a new robot developed by it

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali June 23, 2022
Updated 2022/06/23 at 6:01 PM

Amazon recently unveiled a preview of a new robot it’s been developing. The company also revealed that it now has over 5,20,000 robotic drive units that collaborate with employees to make offices safer and more efficient than ever before. Amazon has already been working on and putting money in robotics, such as the Proteus and Cardinal. Here’s everything that you need to understand about them.

1. Proteus

The Proteus is a fully autonomous mobile robot that can move through Amazon facilities using “advanced safety, perception, and navigation technology developed by Amazon.” The system is intended to be used by world’s employees and thus does not need to be restricted to enclosed areas. This enables the Proteus to work safely alongside employees. It also opens up a wider range of possibilities, such as moving around the GoCarts used to transport packages throughout the facility.

2. Cardinal

Cardinal is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence. It chooses a package from a pile, lifts it, and reads the label before accurately trying to place it on a GoCart to transfer the package on its way.

According to Amazon, the robot reduces the risk of employees inadvertently injuring themselves while dealing with the lifting and turning of heavy and large packages in a confined space. The Cardinal also sorts packages faster. As a result, it contributes to faster processing of packages within the facility before they release for their respective delivery addresses.

Amazon unveiled a preview of a new robot

3. Amazon Robotics Identification

The Amazon Robotics Identification, or AR-ID, is Amazon’s third invention. It is an AR-powered scanning capability that use deep learning and machine vision to facilitate more convenient package scanning.

4. New containerized storage

Amazon also demonstrated a new robotic system. The robotic system helps eliminate the need for people to reach up or climb ladders to retrieve items. The new containerized storage system makes this possible.

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