Axie Infinity blockchain was reportedly hacked via a fake LinkedIn job offer

Sharanya Sinha
Sharanya Sinha July 7, 2022
Updated 2022/07/21 at 9:04 AM

The blockchain of leading crypto game Axie Infinity has reportedly been hacked by a complex phishing scheme involving fake job postings on LinkedIn. Black made the announcement today, citing two sources familiar with the event. This opened up a new dimension in today’s largest decentralized financial hacks or DeFi.According to The Block, hackers identified by the U.S. government as the North Korean group Lazarus were targeting employees of Oxy Infinity developer Sky Mavis.

They say, they came to the fat on behalf of a fake company, and when the staff got prey, they went with several fake interviews and later a “very generous” compensation package. Khan reached the top of the senior engineer, who is said to have an official proposal – at the time hackers first threaten the engineer’s computer, and then four of the nine ends to confirm Ron Mavis Bleccaine Ron Mavis. Sky Mavis previously revealed that hackers had theoretically taken control of the fifth node of the decentralized Axie DAO, allowing Sky Mavis to sign transactions during a particularly busy period in November. They then removed the Ethereum and USDC digital currency that backed Sky Mavis’ coffers, which at the time were worth around $625 million. (After the recent crypto crash, it’s now worth about $225 million.) The company became aware of the hack a week after it happened in March. After the previous death, Sky blamed “sophisticated phishing attacks” that compromised an employee who no longer works at Mavis, but did not explain the exact method of the breach.

Axie:Origin screenshot

Axie Infinity was once considered an example of a successful gambling game where some players made a living from real money. But the value of its tokens has fallen amid the massive crypto currency crash, and Sky Mavis has spent the last few months recovering from the hack. Last week, the company raised $ 150 million in capital to return money to players and resumed transactions on the Rhone Bridge last week. (Disclosure: I purchased three non-printable non-printable tokens, or NFTs, earlier this year for games and game reports.) It also implemented additional security measures to prevent future hacks. Meanwhile, the company launched a second game, Oxy Infinity Origins, and tried to avoid being seen as more of a monetary project than a fun game.

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