ChatGPT to be integrated in iPhone

Shruti Govil
Shruti Govil June 4, 2024
Updated 2024/06/03 at 11:35 AM

According to a source, Apple and OpenAI have finalized their deal for the iPhone to incorporate the AI chatbot ChatGPT. The arrangement is confidential, but if it goes through, the AI company would stand to gain billions of dollars. Additionally, the article stated that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was worried about how the arrangement might affect his company’s collaboration with OpenAI. 

Apple, which is generally thought to be lagging behind other Big Tech companies in the artificial intelligence space, had conversations with both OpenAI and Google but ultimately chose the former. For OpenAI, which has been focusing its activities on the enterprise market in order to make money, the deal is profitable. 

The study further asserts that given the transformation the company has undergone from a non-profit research lab to a profit-making enterprise since Microsoft’s backing, it may modify its status to a for-profit organization. It is anticipated that the announcement will be made at WWDC, Apple’s developer conference. 

Conditions for ChatGPT to Function with Siri

 ChatGPT Mobile App

In the past, ChatGPT could be integrated with Siri by employing a convenient shortcut such as Siri Pro or Siri GPT. Since ChatGPT released its own chat assistant and app, the prior integration is no longer feasible. It’s interesting to note that you can use that software on an iPhone to use ChatGPT. You must download OpenAI’s ChatGPT app from the App Store in order to achieve this. Continue reading after downloading.

Create a personalised shortcut

Create a Shortcut to launch a new ChatGPT chat in order to utilize ChatGPT’s services with Siri on your iPhone. With the ChatGPT app, you can quickly get answers to all of your questions whenever you use that shortcut on Siri. It will initiate a new chat window instantaneously. Below, we have covered every detail.

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