Drones to tackle many societal challenges across the globe

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali June 3, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 4:11 AM



Technology has always helped in ensuring last-mile delivery. PM Modi has recently inaugurated Bharat Drone Mahotsav at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. He interacted with various drone pilots and witnessed open air drone demonstrations. The economic incentives when mixed with highly innovative talent pool, promises positive results. Now, Drones will be used to tackle societal challenges.

Drones’ big role in India’s next tech revolution

Taking another step towards ‘Atma-Nirbhar Bharat’, the government of India has liberalized the drone rules. The vision is that drones will play a big role in India’s next tech revolution. It will be used in day-to-day agricultural activities, security surveillance, land ownership in villages and more. The liberalization would enable entrepreneurs to deliver cutting-edge technology. The 23 remote pilot training organizations help in inclusive growth opportunities.

Drones might tackle many societal challenges across the globe. For instance, Drones are put to use for sensitive borders surveillance, delivering medicines etc. The Swarm method scheme has helped a lot in land mapping. Besides this, drones can also help a lot in agriculture as it can combat pests.

Drones to tackle societal challenges

PM Modi’s Mission Drone Shakti

PM Modi has a new vision of empowering every Indian with drone technology. He has also appealed youth to come forward and be a part of this mission. He has a belief that drone technology might help in delivering tasks in less time. Drone can even reach the places that are unapproachable by humans. The introduction of a dedicated drone policy will be beneficial to unlock a host of opportunities. Drones these days also serve as a large-scale entertainment show in the sky.

Now, the regulatory forms are reduced from twenty-five to five. An amount of 120 crores will be announced by PLI scheme. Government’s initiative might make India a global hub of drones soon.

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