Google to integrate Duo & Meet soon

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali June 11, 2022
Updated 2022/06/19 at 6:38 PM


Google recently announced that it is about to integrate Duo and Meet, into a single platform. Soon, there will only be Google Meet, and Google is hoping that it will be the only calling app users require for almost everything in their lives.

Google plans to use Gmail addresses to get things sorted

Google is hoping that by integrating Google Duo & Meet, it will be able to address some issues that plague modern communication. It is still vital to understand how people decide which tool to use, what’s the purpose etc.

Javier Soltero, the head of Google workspace has made a statement as well. He says that nowadays, people’s digital lives are filled with a plethora of chat apps, each with its own set of rules, norms, and contact list. However, some are used for professional and some for personal use. Google is hoping to connect everything by using Gmail address and contact numbers.

Google Duo and Meet to be integrated

Soltero’s idea of ‘reachability’ with Duo & Meet

For the majority of his time at Google, Soltero has preached the concept of “reachability.” In some way, it has led Google to integrate Meet and Duo into several of its other offerings. It’s a reasonable goal, but it comes at a price. Trying to add everything to everything has cluttered and complicated some of Google’s services.

As the two services merge, Google will use Duo’s mobile app as the default. Soon, the Duo app will receive an update that will bring several of the Meet features to the platform. After some time, the Duo app will be renamed Google Meet. Then the current Meet app will be known as “Meet Original.”

According to Soltero, Meet has grown a lot during the pandemic. It has become as an important project for Google to focus its future voice and video efforts. He believes that the Meet brand will come to mean more than “meeting” over time.

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