How to check if your Netflix account is hacked?

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali August 16, 2022
Updated 2022/08/16 at 9:30 AM

A entirely new perspective on the entertainment sector is now possible thanks to Netflix. While content creators have endless opportunities, users now have a tonne of convenience. Although we could watch a wide range of shows under one cover for a very modest monthly cost thanks to commercial streaming services like Netflix. However, the risk of Netflix getting hack is still present.

By taking advantage of careless account holders, hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to obtain subscriptions to streaming platforms. Additionally, customers who use specific services like Netflix, EA, Xbox, Sony Entertainment, and Spotify are more likely to get hacked. A survey also confirms the same.

Observe the steps below to check whether your Netflix account has been hacked:

Open your account by first logging in

Some of the hackers are content to simply observe, but others are a little more daring and might try to change your login details. When attempting to sell the login information for your account to an unknowing customer, some hackers would steal all they could. This stealing includes your password and email address. However, it doesn’t guarantee your security. If you can still log in, that’s a good sign.

Save your Netflix account

Search for “Recently Viewed” on Netflix app

One of the most obvious symptoms that someone has entered your account is when the suggested content doesn’t seem to make sense or fit. You can find a movie you’ve never seen before by browsing the “Watch Again” section. Similar to this, the “Continue Viewing” page allows you to watch a series that you have never even begun. Despite the fact that there are other methods to delete items from your recent streaming list and that hackers are aware of them, this tactic is not infallible. To be cautious, you should check your Netflix Account history right away if you have any concerns.

Check Your Streaming Techniques

If something about your lists doesn’t feel quite right, you should look at your viewing history. Select Account > Streaming Activity > Recent Device Streaming Activity from the Netflix menu. On this tab, you can search for any further fraudulent logins. Since some of the people you’ve given access to might be using VPNs to access particular content. Additionally, you might want to question everyone you’ve granted access to again.

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