Latest Internet Sensation Bondee Accused Of Credit Card Info Leaks

Nishita Gupta
Nishita Gupta January 30, 2023
Updated 2023/01/30 at 12:44 PM

Rising in the download charts on app stores, the Bondee app has taken over social media since its release on 15 Jan. However, days after becoming mainstream, the app faces accusations of credit card info leaks. The creators of the app have since taken to Instagram to deny the rumors.

In their statement, they said that they would not hesitate to pursue legal action against those who spread misinformation.

Rumors claim Bondee makes unauthorized purchases

For those who don’t know, Bondee is an app that blends elements of the metaverse, online gaming, and messaging. The app, which has crossed a million downloads, lets users create rooms and avatars that live in the Bondee universe. Here, friends can visit each other’s rooms and hang out in a digital space.

bondee app

However, as much hype as the app has created, it has now invited its fair share of rumors too.

According to certain reports,  allegations over Bondee’s data policies have recently surfaced on social media, with users sharing screenshots of unauthorized bank transfers following the installation of the app.

These claims were later intensified when other users highlighted that Bondee bore a visual resemblance to the Chinese app, Zheli. Zheli was removed from app stores in early 2022 after its data privacy practices were scrutinized.

Bondee parent company denies rumors on Instagram

Bondee has since denied rumors in a statement posted on their Instagram account.

Parent company Metadream stated that the claims are false and that the start-up does not collect credit card information.

bondee app

They added that they also take a precautionary review of their systems to ensure that users’ data are safe. Metadream also announced that it would take legal action against those who spread misinformation about its services.


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