Ditipriya Ganguly
Ditipriya Ganguly June 11, 2022
Updated 2022/06/11 at 4:54 PM
Samsung M8

Samsung Smart M8 Monitor


Samsung is expanding its smart monitor series by launching the new Smart Monitor M8 in India. 

The Smart Monitor M8 belongs to a family of the world’s largest smart monitors that provides hassle-free PC-less experience for effortless working, as well as offers users a plethora of OTT services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV. It works seamlessly without connecting it to a PC or TV. It has an inbuilt video camera- SlimFit Camera- for a seamless video conferencing experience. The SlimFit camera provides features such as Auto Zoom and Face Tracking functionalities. It is also equipped with the default Samsung voice control assistant – Bixby.

In simple words, suppose you have a PC dedicated only for office work and a separate television for just entertainment purposes. Now, with the advent of the Smart Monitor M8, instead of two separate devices you can possess just one monitor- which offers functionality and entertainment at the same time, enabling the modern-day users to watch, play and live in style.

The Smart Monitor M8 will provide you with all the known functionalities of a PC such as, Microsoft 365 programs, browsing the internet, editing documents, working on a project, video conferencing etc. 

Also with the new Work mode feature, it makes gaining remote access to another PC a piece of cake for the users. It even makes it possible to connect to Samsung mobile devices through Samsung DeX.


Samsung Smart Monitor M8

It is a 32-inch monitor with an iconic stylish design which complements and enhances both space and work efficiency. The model is about 11.4mm thin, which is considered to be slimmer than the previous models. 

You can also adjust the height of the monitor depending on your needs to find the perfect position for every activity with the help of a height- adjustable stand(HAS), which is included with the monitor itself.

The Smart Monitor M8 is also integrated with a SmartThings Hub, through which users can easily control all IoT devices in their homes and also information about other devices that are connected to it.

The Smart Monitor is currently available in Sunset Pink and Spring Green, whereas Daylight Blue and Warm White Variants will be available later this year.

The new M8 will have a price starting from Rs.59,999. It will be available in India from June 15,2022. 

You can purchase it from Samsung’s official online store, Samsung Shop, Amazon and other retail outlets.

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