LG releases Tone Free T90 and FP9

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali August 11, 2022
Updated 2022/08/11 at 4:56 PM

Two new pairs of wireless earphones from LG- Tone Free T90 and FP9 have been released. First up are the Tone Free T90 earbuds, which are now the brand’s flagship model. The recognisable UVnano charging case for killing microorganisms is still present. Like the previous Tone Free FP9, the case can also function as a Bluetooth transmitter. This enables you to connect an aux cable to equipment that might not support wireless connectivity.

Let’s checkout the specs of LG Tone Free T90 and FP9

The Tone Free T90 from LG, which still offer a tonne of high-end features and a thin, in-ear design, comes first. The brand’s well-known UVNano charging case, which can use UV to destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria while the buds charge, is present on the T90s.

Other features of the LG T90 include a case that can function as a Bluetooth transmitter and medical-grade hypoallergenic ear gels for people with sensitive skin. These features enable wireless connectivity on a device that would not otherwise support it. Due to Dolby’s most recent head tracking technology, “3D” audio is the most important new feature.

Tone Free T90 and FP9

Active Noise Cancellation is available

The function is comparable to Apple’s Spatial Audio on the AirPods and Beats headphones as well as various Galaxy Buds models from Samsung. The premium flagship earphones from LG for 2022 are the Tone Free T90. In addition to 20 hours of charging time from the UVnano charging case, the T90s have a battery life of about 9 hours without ANC and less than that with ANC turned on.

Following that, LG unveils a brand-new pair of Tone Free Fit earphones for exercise enthusiasts—a first for the Tone Free range. In addition, these offer an improved IPX7 rating for the perspiration you’ll produce.

Around 10 hrs of battery life is available for LG’s New Tone Free Fit (TF8) earbuds. Additionally, the charging case provides an extra 20 hours. The T90s and these both have internal cases with bacteria-killing UV lamps.

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