Meta Confirms It’s Making A Real Clone For Instagram

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas October 19, 2022
Updated 2022/10/19 at 2:46 PM

Meta has confirmed the rumours of them testing a Be Real clone for Instagram which is being named IG Candid. For those who don’t know of Be Real, it’s a new creation which notifies at random times of the day to take selfies and rear camera photos simultaneously, a way to show what one is up to in under two minutes. If we go by anything the tweet Alessandro Paluzzi, frequent leaker and mobile developer tweeted then it’s to be concluded that IG Candid would work in a very similar way. 

IG Candid is supposed to pose Candid Challenges where users get notifications to take dual pictures of themselves and their surroundings at the same time. The user has 2 minutes to click pictures after which they will automatically be uploaded to the story. 

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Engadget was told by Meta’s spokesperson that IG Candid can be referred to as an ‘internal prototype’ and Meta isn’t testing it externally or on a group of Instagram users. We can deduce that said feature will be publicly available sometime in the near future – unless Instagram doesn’t release the feature altogether. 

The app Be Real, from where inspiration is being drawn, was launched in 2019, but didn’t gain much popularity until the Summer of 2022. As of yet, Be Real has been ranked at No 1 on the App store charts. 

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Akin to its inspiration, IG Candid has the motive to encourage people to be more real and post genuine content, over just posting the glitz and glamour of life. With each passing day, Instagram is getting filled with photoshops and extravagant, unreal lifestyles which are being then seen as ‘normal’ and that is a wrong and harmful practice. 

Instagram wishes people to be more real with their friends and followers. One problem which is most likely to arise is people would be relaxing in front of their tv or working or are out for shopping essentials, or are at their jobs when they get the notification – which in turn will showcase the inauthentic portion of their lives, instead of showcasing all that they do outside of said mundane everyday activities. 


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