Most Popular Gaming Tablets of 2022

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas June 17, 2022
Updated 2022/06/24 at 6:02 AM


It’s a myth that gaming is something that is only possible on high-tech multi-colored PCs or Xboxes. Mobile gaming has taken the spotlight but some find it a little cramped. Here is to introduing the best gaming tablets on the market. 

The Best gaming tablets are hard to find as it needs to juggle a lot of features together. This entails – high-quality gameplay, as well as daily activities such as browsing and using productivity tools smoothly. 

This is also the reason gaming tablets can be so pricy because they entail features normal mainstream tabs don’t. 


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Smartphones are now the staple for gaming but many prefer tablets over phones because it provides better controls and visuals. 

For some players, playing on a small screen is a hassle but the possibility is always a concern. 

It is for that reason that many gaming tablet companies create sleek and lightweight designs. 

 Tablets have a few obvious advantages over smartphones, including longer battery life, a higher screen resolution, and the most convenient advantage is more surface area, which some gamers prefer. 


1. iPad Pro M1 


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Apple used the M1 chip intended for MacBook for iPad pros. The thermally stable M1 chip paired with a 12Hz pro motion display resulted in the maximum fidelity of any mobile game. 

A wide array of loudspeakers, smoothness of the finish, and overall stability of the iPad Pro make it the best gaming tablet currently available.


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+


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The galaxy tab series is on the bigger side of the spectrum. It features a 12.4” AMOLED display along with a refresh rate of 12Hz. The Ultra range of the sam has a display of 14.6” but some might consider that humongous and unnecessary for gaming. 

The snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip powers this series with a gigantic battery of 10.090mah. Some consider the S8 series to be the future of gaming tabs. 


3. iPad Air M1


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Over other iPads, this is a more reasonable option budget-wise. It might not hold all the glitz and glamour of the Pro series but M1 is known to be a good alternative. 

It has a 60Hz display as opposed to 120Hz. This iPad is a well-balanced product perfect for users looking for something basic. It still comes with a top-notch audio system and the joys of an iPad. 


4. iPad Mini 



This particular Apple product comes with an A15 Bionic chip which can smoothly be at par with the most expensive models. 

The mini-series is not much bigger than a phone but the size is subjective. It provides a display of 8” which might be unflattering to many, but that’s its main attraction. 

iPad mini has basic storage of 64GB which can be expanded to 256GB with a few extra bucks. Mini is widely used for gaming, editing and for carrying out other daily routines. 


5. Xiaomi Pad 5 



This Xiaomi pad is a splendid value for money. The 11” screen features an iPad Pro-like display. It’s powered by a snapdragon 860. 

The multimedia Pad 5 series also comes with a good storage of 128GB which can be expanded to 256GB with extra bucks.

Long gaming sessions are ensured by its 8720mAh battery. 



Phones are made of delicate and gaming phones heat up pretty easily. Also, the display space of phones is not enough for proper control management. These refined gaming tablets cater to the gaming and day-to-day work and pleasure needs of a user.    


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