New hacks and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S22 users

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali June 3, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 4:06 AM


Samsung Galaxy S22, one of the best devices from the brand, have revolutionary night-time cameras. These cameras come with Dual Optical Zooms. There are various new hacks for Samsung S22 users. Users can add more camera modes, record HDR10+ videos and more.

New hacks for S22 users

1. Director’s view:

When users hit more tab option in the camera app, they will see Director’s view option. It provides user a chance to shoot with the front and the back camera at the same time. It also gives them the live preview from all three of the cameras on the back.

2. More camera modes for quick access:

By clicking the more tab option on the camera tab, user will see a plus icon. Once tapped, it enables a user to drag and drop dedicated shooting modes into the quick access options within the camera UI.

A user who uses Panorama mode frequently can quickly get to it without having to click on the more tab every time.

3. Shot suggestions:

This hack is the best for users who aren’t confident while taking pictures. There is a useful feature called shot suggestions which helps you line up your frame. Although it’s not enabled by default but it’s easy enough to switch on. Just open the cam, tap the settings cog, and toggle on the shot suggestions option.

4. Recording HDR10+ Videos:

This particular feature is hidden away for the longest time, but users might like to take its advantage and shoot Hi-Res personal/professional videos.

A user needs to open the cam, go to the settings option, and toggle on HDR10+ videos.

5. Hands-free selfie:

A user can take a selfie by raising their hand in front of any Samsung smartphone. This is a useful feature that makes clicking selfies easy.

There are many more such hacks available for different devices like S22.

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