Realmi Pad Mini vs iPad Mini 6 – Are They The Same?

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas March 14, 2023
Updated 2023/03/17 at 6:33 PM

Coming from the Swiss tech giant, Apple, the iPad Mini is still considered to be a worthwhile buy, despite it being launched in September 2021. The A15 bionic chipset is still desirable and fully functional. (For what it’s worth, the 2022 model uses the A14 bionic chipset.) One probable downside / not-so-loved feature is the 8.3” screen, which many deem un-grippable. The fact that this iPad supports the 2nd generation Apple Pencil isn’t lost on consumers. 

Realmi Pad Mini on the other hand was launched on April 2022 with a processor of Unisoc T616 octa-core and produces a strong performance with its IPS LCD screen of 8.7” screen. Taking about downsides, the most apparent one might be people who might have hoped for a more powerful processor, and a higher quality camera, but to be fair this mini tablet retails for 23,999 INR, compared to the other mini tablet which retails for 49,900 INR. Also, we cannot disregard the fact that Apple products are wildly known for their high-quality processors and high-end camera megapixels.  

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Here are side-by-side comparisons of Realmi Pad Mini vs Apple iPad Mini Gen 6 to help you choose what’s best for you! 

Display Resolution & Screen 

Realmi Pad mini has an IPS LCD screen of 8.7” while the Apple iPad mini Generation 6 boasts of a liquid retina display with a backlit LED multi-touch display with a display screen of 8.3”. When comparing the display resolutions it’s 1340×800 pixels vs 2266×1488 pixels. 

Processor & Operating Systems 

The Realmi tablet is backed with a UNISOC T616 Octa Core processor while the Apple tablet is backed with an A15 bionic chip with 64bits of architecture. As for OS, it’s the comparison between an Android 11 and iOS 15. 

Camera Quality 

Even though Apple is known for their stellar camera quality, the Realmi pad mini is equipped with two 8 MP back and front cameras, the back one with a wide angle HDR grid and the front camera paired with the biometric security system of face recognition. Apple on the hand has furnished their Mini iPad with two 12 MP cameras both in front and the back with 4K video resolution facilities for both handsets. 

Audio Quality 

The Dolby Atmos dual speaker stereo system for Realmi is compared with Apple’s FLAC, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital plus. 

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Battery Life 

Realmi with a 6400 mAh Lithium Ion battery and an 18W super charge has a standby time of 1440 hours and 15.8 hours of playtime. Apple on the other hand boats of iOS 15 Lithium polymer battery. This apple model has also incorporated C-type charging in its product. 


Realmi Pad Mini has given customers a choice between a 4 GB RAM 64 GB ROM handset or a 4GB RAM and a 32GB ROM depending on their preference. Both of these can be expanded with the help of external SD cards, expandable up to 1 terabyte. Apple on the other hand has a storage of 64 GB ROM. 

Connectivity & other perks 

Realmi provides a dual SIM 4G connection along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, while iPad on the other hand has the availability of a Wi-Fi connection. 


Many would claim that the Realmi has a whole lot more features than Apple, which makes it a better choice, while some would argue that the charm of an iPad is its powerful processor, the camera quality and of course the charm of owning an Apple product. More so over, this particular debate lies a whole lot on what the user expects from a certain device, and in this case their budget. 

This debate comparing its specs, physical features, build, and previous reputations can go both in favour of Realmi Pad Mini or Apple iPad Mini Gen 6, depending on how it’s framed. Which one would you go for? 


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