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Ridha Fathima
Ridha Fathima January 23, 2023
Updated 2023/01/25 at 6:26 AM

Social media applications have become a part of everyone’s lives. There won’t be many people who are not active in platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger etc, which are all the families of Meta. The latest information has been provided that these social media companies are making it easier for its users to manage certain setting across these three apps. Robert d’Apice, the director of product management of Meta, through a blog post has mentioned that Mata will make finding and managing certain setting easier across multiple apps. These changes are to be reflected in the Accounts centre, located in the setting menus for Instagram, Facebook as well as Messenger.

Any user has the option to add more than one account to the same accounts centre. There is option to keep the users account in separate Accounts centers also. “For people who choose to do so, they will still have access to the same settings, and can apply them to individual accounts,” said d’Apice. Once the accounts of Facebook and Instagram are linked of any user, the users will be able to visit both the apps and see notifications of each from any one platform. This will also help those who has multiple accounts in both the platforms. Meta has also modified its user-registration process, through which the users are able to easily log in and create new Facebook and Instagram accounts. Meta said that these updates will be gradually roll out to everyone on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram in the coming months.


Meta is not only improving their family apps, it is also making improvements to some of the major ad settings controls which will help the users to manage and understand their ads experience through out its apps. Meta has also assured that they are making it easier for the user to clear out their options while considering the ads shown by Meta across other websites and apps. The company has also assured that it is considering new ways to provide the users the ability to see more ads which are of their interest and which they are considering seeing. This comes in addition to the facility of seeing fewer ads about things that doesn’t interest the user.

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