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Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas August 16, 2022
Updated 2022/08/16 at 12:07 PM

Instagram has been rated the most grossing and engaging social media platform. One finds themselves mindlessly scrolling through the app – be it animal reels, posts of friends and family, stories uploaded or contributing to the community by posting about personal moments or promoting business. There is never a dull moment on this app and here is What’s New on Instagram. 

This app with approximately 2 billion users all over the world, has introduced new functionalities. 

1. Instagram Grid Planning: This newest feature makes it possible to Pin one’s top three posts at the top of the profile – be it a post, video, IGTV, or a reel. This is a good scope to pin one’s most successful or older favourite posts. 

2. 60s Instagram Stories: A handy feature implied by Instagram is uploading 60s long stories without those frustrating cuts every 15s. It’s a very useful and appreciated feature for reviewing stories for a smoother experience. One can include mentions, tags, locations and everything in between and still have a smooth story experience. 

3. ’22 Instagram Algorithm: Instagram Algorithm is a chaotic, confusing mess and very few have been successful in decoding this weird algorithm. People used to base their calculations on trial and error or have given up on it altogether. Here is a rundown of said mystery from the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri. Mosseri explained the whole process in short via a video on his Twitter account. 

A few of IG’s most important factors affecting users are namely, as follows –

-Popularity Indicator of a post – the likes received location and duration of the video(if any). 

-Just how frequently users have been in touch with their followers in the past.

-Number of posts liked by the user. 

-Engagement of User’s account with or content accounts. 

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4. ’22 Instagram Reel Updates: Reels have been climbing the charts of popularity ever since their introduction. Instagram has been constantly adding something new and exciting to the reels. They have decided on a 90m long time limit for a reel. This is one of those parts of Instagram, it’s constantly going through changes to make it more exciting and engaging – with their latest double the exposure or timer. 

Reels is a very versatile option for uploading moments, from still pictures to multiple merges of videos to a 60s video or a mix of everything. They are said to be the most engaging feature of Instagram as of yet. 

-One can do voice over – and they have the option to choose from multiple robotic voices or make one entirely their own. 

-Text – addition of text is sometimes a bonus for fast-paced videos and acts as great subtitles! 

-Doodle – one can easily doodle over their videos if they wish to, adding a flair. 

Some of its newest features entail

-Video layout – this makes it possible to capture multiple videos on separate windows, consecutively and merge them to play them all together. 

-Double Exposure – this feature allows one to capture photos and superimposes and record a video on top of it. 

5. Instagram Post Collabs: One of trending and well-liked update from Instagram is creating collab posts with other creators. This feature is well-liked by influencers and content creators. 

Reels’ visual reply is a new addition and it’s a great way to engage with followers and make the content more two-sided. Now questions and thoughts can get answers directly in a video which benefits both parties. 

Profile Embedding media on a website has been a novelty recently. It wasn’t previously possible to embed a whole profile in a native-looking view, but that’s a thing of the past now! 

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6. Instagram Playback is an amazing feature for the end of the year celebration and to kick start the new year with all the beautiful moments from the year before as a reflection. 

7. Instagram map search: The newest update has the opportunity if map search. This is very similar to Google Maps and allows users to find different businesses around them. This is a huge bonus for the business profile on Instagram. This map search can be accessed from the regular search of Instagram under the subtopic ‘places’. 

8. Instagram creator mode – is a well-loved and cherished feature of the newest update. This is available for creators above 10k followers, allowing them to make the most of the opportunity thrown at them. This has various added advantages of – viewing account statistics, simplifying messaging, and more. 

The creator mode is always up and coming with the newest perks, features and updates. It has a whole new section of Instagram Marketing techniques which gives creators give an obvious advantage before releasing new content. Another great addition is the professional dashboard. 

9. Professional Dashboard:  Analytics are important to creators and business owners who like to track every step they make – to keep track of what is workin’ and what isn’t. The update made in the Professional Dashboard is an important move to analyse products and accounts’ main performance. 

A few of the resources are – 

-overall Instagram performance

-program insights


-branded campaigns and branded content approval

-Instagram shopping

-saved replies. 

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10. Updated Instagram Insights: The analytics of Instagram is always up and running with the newest updates. One of its first major changes in data visualization is made up to 90days instead of 60 and (or) 30 days. Now, live video performance can also be measured. Insights provide for:

Accounts reached – overview of profile reach metrics, divided into subdivisions based on gender, age, geographic location, followers, non-followers, content type reach, ads, and so much more.

Accounts engaged – This part lets one see how many accounts have actively engaged with your profile in further detail. 

The total followers give an overview of the metrics reached divided into the above subdivisions; while the content shared gives data about the content and interaction between users – like business address tap or email button tap.  

Managing Instagram is a lot harder than it looks, and for many, this is a credible source of income. The updated analytics, understanding of how the algorithm works and huge steps of help from Instagram to small businesses and start-up companies who are trying to make a way in the market. 

Instagram has a huge social media presence and hopefully, these continuous updates make content creation and sharing moments fun. 


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