The Dark Web vs The Deep Web – Is It As Threating As It Seems?

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas November 23, 2022
Updated 2022/11/23 at 10:17 AM

The dark web & Deep web seems to be mentioned more every day, from TV shows to real life, but what exactly are they? Are they as dangerous and threatening as they are made out to be? 

The dark web is the encrypted online content that is not indexed in normal web searches & can only be accessed using specific browsers such as TOR. Even though the dark web is indeed a part of the deep web, they have a difference. The deep web is what lies underground and isn’t just the content that is considered dark. This is also why the deep web is known as the ‘hidden web’ or the ‘invisible web’. 

Returning to the former two, it seems like the major focus is on the exchange of stolen information, drug exchanges and other illicit activities. On the flip side, there are indeed other reasons why people frequent the Dark web, which include those who want to maintain their privacy and also those who are involved in politics. 

Understanding the Dark Web: The Role of Cyber Security

To navigate the dark web or to even figure out its pros and cons, one needs to understand the dark web. As established, the dark web is hidden from regular search engines due to regular search engines having different index links, basing every search on keywords. The dark web on the other hand works a little differently. There is a lot of material on how one can access the dark web but there ain’t much information on what to do once you’re in there. It’s easy for individual pages/organizations to get attention here as big brands, tech tycoons and large media organizations have little to no hold here. 

The dark web has indeed helped with illegal transactions, illicit affairs and nefarious behaviour from people time and time again, it also provides an outlet to people who have different ideals and thoughts of political beliefs which might get prosecuted in the real world. To catch criminals in their acts, police forces (FBI) have started to make use of additional tools on the dark web to try and put an end to their nefarious activities.

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Deep web on the other hand can notoriously twist and get one into trouble even if you’re not looking for it. The information available on the deep web is mostly highly encrypted and can’t be found in specific indexes. It contains all that doesn’t qualify for traditional web searches and more. It is also known to ask for login information to access content like – bank forms, and online paid websites like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. It also entails login information for fire hosting sites such as in dropbox, Bluehost, Wix and more.

Aside from advantages, there are a lot of disadvantages on the darker side of the internet. There inevitably will be some who would abuse their new scope & power and engage in criminal activities for their selfish gain or some quick money. While privacy is promised to be maintained in the dark/deep web, it can just as quickly be violated with the right people, devices & money to spare. A lot of times deep web has been used to share unauthorized private pictures, pieces of information and sensitive financial information. 

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All in all, the dark web & deep webs are relatively new concepts which are still being explored. They still have unchartered territories in their depths and we don’t know exactly what lies there. It would be wise to proceed with caution as no one is to know just whom to trust on the dark side of the internet. As much as it has its advantages of innominate and freedom the same can quickly turn into cons if used with nefarious intentions. It’s advised to learn and understand this world before we reach into it. Using a strong paid VPN and installing a private browser are a few safety tips one can maintain to retain privacy & security. 


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