Newest Whatsapp Update States That Admins Can Delete Messages For Everyone

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas August 6, 2022
Updated 2022/08/09 at 4:22 AM

Whatsapp has been known for its frequent updates. newest Whatsapp Update make it possible for the admin(s) of a group to delete messages for everyone. 

This means that now the admin can call shorts on the messages exchanged & has the power to delete any of it, for everyone – permanently.

Wabitainfo says that WhatsApp’s updates ensure that admins now can take such steps.

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When a message does get removed, it’s shown as “this message has been removed by the admin”. This facility doesn’t differ if a group has multiple admins. All of them are equally entitled to this newest perk. Beta testers are working on polishing up this newest feature. 

This is surely a big step by Whatsapp in order to moderate a group via the admins. 

Admin(s) can delete obscene and morally wrong/hurtful messages and make their group a safe space for all. This will also help in the deletion of messages which are of no use in official groups and directly a group in its actual direction instead of it getting misguided. 

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Whatsapp Update usually rolls out multiple exciting updates altogether in one go. One of such updates entails Whatsapp extending the time limit of “delete message for everyone”. 

For now, this feature has a time limit of 7 hours, which Whatsapp wishes to change to 8 hours. 

Initially, the thought process of this messaging app was to keep the messages of the “delete message for everyone” visible for a good while for the participants to converse about and delete them manually if necessary. But now, Whatsapp Update has decided to reduce the time span to a meer 8hours. 

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A few of their other updates entail; that Whatsapp has induced the ability to react with any emoji as a message reaction. 

The limit for group participation has been increased to 512 members. Whatsapp Update has been restricting file sizes for a while now, but it has finally lifted the restriction a bit and allowed 2GB of files to be transferred. 

Last but not the least, other people can be muted on group calls and private messages can be sent to an individual by long pressing their profile. 


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