Tips to provide laptops long life with low carbon footprint

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali July 30, 2022
Updated 2022/07/30 at 3:21 AM

It is necessary to divide the climate problem into little phases that have a massive effect. We can all make easy decisions to reduce our carbon impact, like making that essential laptop purchase. Take a look at these few tips to provide laptops a long life while lowering your carbon footprint.

Recycling is the key

Recycling is not only a waste management issue, but also a climatic one. For instance, a recycled aluminium can has a carbon footprint that is 95% lower than a can manufactured of virgin metal. Therefore, think about how you could responsibly exchange, repair, or recycle your old laptop until you purchase a new one.

You could be capable of sending your laptop back to be recycled, depending on the brand. Brands’ recycling practises differ from one another and have considerably improved in recent years. However, several companies today will even pick up your used electronics, regardless of brand or problem, and recycle them for nothing.

Tips to provide laptops

Updating a new software

Generally we buy new devices so that it can run the newest software or video games. But have you ever thought to update your device and check if you can run that software on your laptop or not? Before investing in a new device, try to keep your device up-to-date. This will save your hard earned money as well as our environment.

Energy- efficient laptops

Your home has LED lights, energy saving bulbs and what not but is your laptop energy-efficient? Energy-efficient equipment consumes less energy and lower your expenditure. Thankfully, there are some useful guidelines to assist you determine how effective any item is!

The EPEAT rating (the Green Electronics Council’s Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is one such tool. It is the most detailed method for determining general environmental requirements. Thus, makes it simple to assess how a product’s life cycle implications.

Let’s talk about the packaging

Making environmentally friendly decisions based on packaging will also assist you in choosing a more environment conscious laptop. It is estimated that 4.9 million metric tonnes of plastic are sold in the UK annually, of which 75 percent end up in landfills.

Nowadays, many manufacturers use recovered plastics and natural materials like bamboo to build more sustainable packaging. On our parts, we can use the packaging to recycle our old, used devices.

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