Top smart home additions to make your life easier

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali July 30, 2022
Updated 2022/07/31 at 4:58 PM

Our everyday routine is rapidly including the automation of several tasks. Nowadays, Digital assistants are available that will perform a variety of tasks at your command. These commands could include opening doors, drawing curtains, checking body temperatures, warming toilet seats, and even soothing a sick heart. For instance, tell Alexa that you’re feeling low. To help you more, here are a few smart home additions that you might want to make.

1. Virtual assistant based devices

For some smart devices, a good internet connection is all you need. Google’s assistant, Apple’s siri, and more work on voice control and remote control. Practically every domestic job, from home security to lighting control is possible with such devices.

The list also includes Alexa which can turn on the AC, lock the gate, feed your pets, play your favourite song etc. While purchasing these devices keep your choice of choosing an ecosystem in your mind.

Few smart home additions

2. Smart lights

If you’re the one who forgets to turn off the lights, fans while going out, you would love this one. Motion-controlled lighting might be ideal for lobbies, etc. but for bedrooms, living rooms, smart lights help.

To change colour to complement the desired atmosphere, these lights can be connected to motion sensors or controlled by digital assistants. energy savings, they can also be set to turn on or off at specific periods. These intelligent lights are incredibly adaptable because they come in a range of shapes, including flexible strips, tube lights, and blues.

Few smart home additions

3. iRobots for cleaning

Robotic vacuum cleaners that can clean the floor on demand or at a predetermined time are a must. They are sold by companies including iRobot, Haier, and Eureka Forbes. You may let them take care of their business without any worries. They simply need to map the home once and utilise detectors to avoid obstructions.

Few smart home additions


4. Drip irrigation system

The epidemic gave birth to a lot of new plant parents, but now most of us have returned to work. Therefore our indoor plants are bearing the brunt of it all. Trust Basket, an online retailer for gardening supplies, offers a solution. You can put up a drip irrigation system for up to 100 plants at home with their DIY irrigation kits. Depending on how your garden is laid out, you can configure the system. To get it going, all you need is a tap.

Kollea has a power-operated system also. It will keep track of how much water the plants are receiving and prevent you from overwatering them.

Few smart home additions

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