Vi Rolls Out New International Plan

Moubani Pal
Moubani Pal May 23, 2022
Updated 2022/05/23 at 5:51 PM

Vi International

As international travel becomes more accessible, more Indians are travelling abroad for both business and pleasure. As a result, Vi has released new international roaming bundles to improve the user experience during overseas travel. The new Vi international roaming bundles, according to the service provider, would allow users to make unlimited voice and data calls across global destinations.

Vi post-paid users travelling to the UAE, UK, USA, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, and other destinations can now purchase Vi Unlimited International Roaming packs ranging from Rs 599 for 24 hours to Rs 5,999 for 28 days.

Vi International

On all Vi postpaid roaming packs, the telecom operator also offers a ‘Always On’ function, which ensures that users are not charged outrageous charges while on international roaming, even after the subscribed pack has expired.

For example, if travellers who have purchased the Vi Postpaid Roaming Pack for 7 days need to extend their stay, they can continue to use their phone for voice, SMS, and internet at conventional rates until their usage value reaches Rs 599.

Users would be charged Rs 599 for each extra day they utilise the International roaming option after crossing Rs 599, according to the service provider. This will keep them from being surprised by large bills.

REDX subscribers on solo and family plans (main members) can also take one foreign vacation per year for free with a 7-day Vi International Roaming Free bundle worth Rs 2999.

Vi now offers roaming in 81 countries through local service providers. It also introduced an Always On function, which ensures that members are not overcharged even after their subscriptions have expired. For example, if passengers who have purchased a seven-day Vi postpaid roaming package need to extend their stay, they can continue to use their phones for voice, text, and data and will be charged at standard rates up to Rs. 599 in usage value.


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