Vivo launches two new TWS earplugs; know the specs here

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali May 26, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 4:52 AM


Vivo has launched two new TWS earplugs: TWS 2 ANC and TWS 2E. Both the earphones come with a similar design and 12.22 mm drivers. The company has launched its new earplugs with Vivo X80 and the Vivo X80 Pro phones. Vivo claims around 30 hours of battery life for its newly launched earplugs. Both offer v5.2 Bluetooth connectivity and their respective microphones.

Features of Vivo TWS 2E


Vivo TWS 2E comes in a gloss textured charging case, which is as eye-catching as the earplugs are. TWS 2E comes in a small box that contains a warranty card, Type-C USB, and user manual. The wireless earplugs have a 430 mAh battery capacity.

The earbuds can be connected to two devices simultaneously and come with Deep× 2.0 stereo sound. In India, the price for TWS 2E is set at Rs. 3,299.

Features of Vivo TWS ANC


Vivo TWS ANC is a bit different and more advanced than TWS 2E. The earbuds come in a sleek-designed case, but the opening mechanism is floppy. The earbuds give a passive noise cancellation. Thus, the moment the user wears them, the noise around them gets muted. The device comes with an ip54 rating which brings in the capabilities of water and dust resistance.

Users get Qualcomm’s apex technology as well. The noise cancellation works quite well and offers 40 decibels noise cancellation. Multiple levels of ANC are available to the users. It comes with an aware detection feature allowing the music to stop as soon as the buds are removed.

Users need to download the Vivo TWS app to enable and disable various features. For instance, if one has to use ANC, they need to enable it on the app first. The app includes a transparency feature and the battery percentage. The app is only available for Android, but no iOS App yet.

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