X has recently made significant changes to its content moderation rules

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar June 5, 2024
Updated 2024/06/05 at 10:01 AM

Formerly known as Twitter, X has recently made certain changes to the content moderation rules of the platform. Due to these changes, users will now be able to post adult content on the platform.

Users can now post adult content on the platform

X brought about certain changes to the content moderation rules of the platform and this will now let users post graphic and adult content on the platform.

Before the changes, the users could previously share such content unofficially on the platform because sharing adult or graphic content was neither prohibited nor allowed by the rules of the social media platform. There were several Not Safe for Work (NSFW) communities, as well.

Regarding adult content policies, the support page of the company stated, “We believe that users should be able to create, distribute, and consume material related to sexual themes as long as it is consensually produced and distributed.”

NSFW content to be labeled as “sensitive content”

According to X, users who often post NSFW content must label the same as “sensitive content.” The support page of the company does not allow the users to share “excessively gory or depicting sexual violence” and “promoting exploitation, nonconsent, objectification, sexualization or harm to minors, and obscene behaviors” on the platform.

A post on X by @Safety states, “We have launched Adult Content and Violent Content policies to bring more clarity of our Rules and transparency into enforcement of these areas. These policies replace our former Sensitive Media and Violent Speech policies – but what we enforce against hasn’t changed. Adult Content covers our approach to sharing consensual sexual content and adult nudity. Violent Content covers violent speech and violent media to allow for a more holistic approach to combating violence in all forms.”


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