Open AI partners with Atlantic and Vox Media

Shruti Govil
Shruti Govil June 6, 2024
Updated 2024/06/04 at 4:30 PM

The Atlantic and Vox Media have inked content and product collaborations with OpenAI, directed by Sam Altman, to assist the artificial intelligence company enhance and train its offerings.

Following the signing of numerous such agreements by media companies, OpenAI now has access to The Atlantic and Vox Media’s news content and archives for the purpose of training its extensive language models.

These collaborations are not only essential for AI model training, but they may also be very profitable for news publishers, who have historically been excluded from a portion of the revenue generated by internet companies when they distribute their material.

OpenAI inked a contract last week with News Corp., the media powerhouse that owns the Wall Street Journal. The Verge and Vulture’s parent company, Vox Media, announced that OpenAI will assist the business in creating solutions for its customers and advertising partners.

Vox Media stated in a statement that OpenAI will have access to its archives in order to assist the Microsoft-backed business in improving its technology and the output of its popular chatbot,ChatGPT.

A comparable agreement that grants OpenAI access to the publisher’s content was also announced separately by The Atlantic.

According to The Atlantic, OpenAI’s technology will be piloted on a “experimental microsite, called Atlantic Labs,” which will assist the media company investigate how AI may spur the creation of new features and products.

The media sector is quite wary of collaborating with digital platforms. Nicholas Thompson, the CEO of The Atlantic, wrote on LinkedIn, “But I’m absolutely convinced these deals can be beneficial, if we’ve learned the right rules, structure them the right way, and hedge our bets.”

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