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Top Online Doctor Consulting Apps in India

These days, Medical community is handling the present COVID-19 epidemic in a

Khushi Bali Khushi Bali August 11, 2022

8 Apps Every Modern Student Must Have

Although college life is completely packed and overwhelming, there is always a

Riya Mehra Riya Mehra August 10, 2022

WhatsApp to introduce an option to leave a group secretly

WhatsApp and many other such apps are working to improve privacy for

Khushi Bali Khushi Bali August 9, 2022

We’re Finally Getting The Google Play Store & Apps We Deserve 

To help ensure the integrity of the Play Store, Google has announced

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas August 2, 2022

Best cybersecurity apps for Android users

Do you desire enhanced cyber security protection? Numerous apps are available for

Khushi Bali Khushi Bali July 31, 2022

Use VR or online Fitness apps to get moving

Over the past two years, many fantastic options got us involved in

Khushi Bali Khushi Bali July 29, 2022

Instagram unveils Boosted reels; new function to act as an ad

Instagram unveils Boosted reels that enables companies to promote their Reels and

Khushi Bali Khushi Bali July 22, 2022