A Sneak Peek into iOS 17.4 Beta: Exciting Features Await iPhone Users

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey February 27, 2024
Updated 2024/02/27 at 7:16 AM

A wealth of new features in the iOS 17.4 beta have raised expectations for Apple’s next iOS upgrade, with many claiming improved iPhone owners’ experiences. The list of features keeps expanding as each week goes by, giving consumers a sneak peek at the fascinating opportunities that lie ahead in the next release. Let’s explore the features that iOS 17.4 has in store for iPhone aficionados as Apple gets ready for release.

Appeasing EU Regulations:

In order to comply with new EU regulations, iOS 17.4 introduces a number of key improvements, including the ability to sideload applications on iPhones and the ability to access third-party systems. These changes demonstrate Apple’s dedication to giving customers more flexibility and choice while adjusting to changing regulatory environments.

Enhanced Security Measures:

The stolen device protection function, which gives customers an additional degree of security in case of theft or loss, is a noteworthy addition to iOS 17.4. Apple has implemented Face ID and individualized information as part of multi-layer biometric security to protect user data and reduce the risk of device loss.

Better Accessibility with the Vision Pro Headset:

iOS 17.4 adds the “ignore double tap” option to the headset, improving accessibility and user experience for owners of the new Vision Pro headset. This update reflects Apple’s commitment to diversity and making sure its products meet the requirements of a wide range of users.

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Battery Health Insights:

iOS 17.4 offers consumers a thorough understanding of their device’s battery state with the addition of additional choices to Battery Health. Users can now maximize the lifespan of their smartphone by keeping an eye on the health of the battery, evaluating its performance, and anticipating when a replacement may be required thanks to the addition of a Battery option in the settings.

CarPlay Improvements:

CarPlay is improved with the iOS 17.4 update, which is especially useful for cars that have dual-screen integration. The CarPlay experience for consumers who are on the go is further improved by these changes, which simplify the integration of driving-friendly features.

Revisions to online Screen applications:

Although iOS 17.4 brings with it a number of new features, users in Europe will notice a shift with the gradual removal of online applications from the home screen. This change is the consequence of Apple’s duty to comply with local regulations by permitting third-party browser engines to operate in the area.

 iPhone users can anticipate a plethora of innovative additions and improvements aimed at elevating their mobile experience when iOS 17.4 gets closer to release. Apple continues to develop and meet the changing requirements of its user base with everything from enhanced accessibility and battery health information to cutting-edge security measures. Users may anticipate a more seamless and feature-rich iOS experience once the beta version launches in March.

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