A Tech Walk Through Covid-19: Impact On The Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry & it's incorporation of Augmented Reality - in India & abroad

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas January 24, 2023
Updated 2023/01/25 at 8:46 AM

In recent times Fashion techs and other digital specialists are catalysing disruption that is changing the space faster than a season’s summer trends. Globally, companies such as Joor, NuOrder, and Odre are digitalizing wholesale & e-commerce experiences with virtual showrooms, catalogues & 3D imaging. Indian brands are seeing a similar shift. 

Meghna Saraogi, co-founder of Styledotme living in Delhi has been very engaged. Styledtome is a tech solution which caters primarily to jewellery companies. The majority of his clients are big named sixth or seventh-generation jewellers. Styledlome has usually been super secretive about their jewellery catalogues but covid 19 has rampaged their business ways. 

Saraogi, who primarily deals with million-dollar companies like Tanishq, Senco Gold, and Hazoorilal Jewelers recently commented, “It’s so much easier to sanitize an iPad on which people can virtually try out pieces of jewellery, rather than sanitizing each and every jewellery piece”. “Contactless selection & try-one might be the next it!” says Saraogi. 

Augmented Reality System for Jewellers | Virtual Jewelry Solutions

There has been a 105% of growth and profits in her business since the lockdown, which is not just from India. These few months might have been the best for her business. In a covid infested world where rules of business are rapidly changing & people have to constantly develop themselves to keep up with the latest ways. The fashion industry has moulded itself in such a way so that it can compete with the current situation and still stay in profit. The fashion industry is moving towards a more remote setting of work with digital dating & trials. 

In India’s fashion new, BigThinx is guided and mentored by Prada. They are inside working for a New York E – Fashion show organised by NY Tech company for the brand Fashionnovition. As of yet, BigThinx is exclusively interested in big names of International brands. They have seen a 5x increase in enquiries & contracts since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Many have raised qualms about the safety and viability of trial rooms, are virtual trail rooms really safe? Meepl, a Swizz 3D body measuring company have successfully signed 6 new Indian clients in half a year. As per Rene Stampfl, the Vice President of the EMEA region, there has been an increased enquiry of approximately of 500-600 potential clients. The app has been created to take standardised body measurements which are directly linked to the clothing website, making sure that they have a perfect fit every time. 

Top designers go gaga over traditional crafts at FDCI & Lakme Fashion Week - Authindia

Traditional clothing store trial rooms are probably one of the ‘hot spots’ as per Stampfl because employees cannot sanitize each and every item and the room itself after every customer, the garments/products are a different ball game altogether. In sync with Indian clients, this Delhi-based CEO is trying her best to create digital fitting rooms which entail a proper silhouette for men’s suits & garments as in the likes of a saree. This gives brands a much-needed online presence, which is being overseen by Tech-Tailor in Bengaluru. 

While it’s true that it won’t be easy for big brands & legacy labels to take a digital leap online, it’s a necessity which needs to be forfeited. Research shows only 8% of the Indian population shop online. Even a lower rate of 5% of Indians shop from brand chains like ZARA & the Swedish brand H&M, who are studying down their stores & even cancelling orders as virtual shopping isn’t a thing yet. 

MD and CEO of House of Anita Dongre, Kavindra Mishra says they have been setting up customer appointments for shopping. On the flip side, the company’s luxurious garments Global desi brand store hasn’t seen daylight in days now. Mishra believes, “I don’t think e-models will work on heavy, expensive garments made to measure. I don’t think that the technology is 100% there yet.” He opts for a live-streaming sales tactic instead. 

Augmented Reality And Fashion: A Must For Retailers

The thought of Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the same in Tech revolutionalized fashion industry. “Video conferencing & contactless deliveries are other alternatives”, says the couturier. “This is the best and most sustainable way forward for our business, our employees & our customers.”, are his and many other renowned Fashion designers’ beliefs. 

This is a marvellous opportunity for tech companies like TryndBuy, whose sole purpose is to allow customers to try out apparel via visual stylists & digital trial rooms before purchase. Nitin Vats, Founder & CEO discloses, “for the next six months trying out isn’t an option. Customers will have to rely on manager suggestion based on their body size.” He goes on to say, “Solutions like ours were an option, now they’re becoming a necessity. Technology can give buyers more insight on what they might have missed in a store.”

Digitalized Fashion Industry has a long way to go, but they are making steady progress every day, incorporating Virtual reality in this world of ours. 


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