Adobe Photoshop to introduce Freemium Version on the web

Supreetha June 20, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 8:07 PM
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Adobe Photoshop is widely known for its graphic editing prowess. It has been rumored that Adobe is most likely to release an Adobe freemium version of Photoshop on the web browser soon.

What’s freemium and how’s it different from being free and premium?

The free version comes to you at zero cost, but it does not always include all of the premium features, and to access the premium features, there is a subscription fee. Freemium is an initially free of charge premium version available to users, which is then followed up by a premium subscription fee in the future.

The company hasn’t specified when this freemium variant will be available, but it has been updating Photoshop for the web with new features and including updated versions. New features like refine edge, bends, the avoid and consume apparatuses, the capacity to change over are included in the updates. The web application is likewise getting support for checking and remarking on pictures on the web.

The freemium will include all the new features. Ultimately excluding, once the freemium version is over. Adobe wants to afford an opportunity to all users who want to try out the premium features and gain hands-on experience to make the decision of opting for Adobe photoshop premium in the future.

Adobe Photoshop

Has Adobe Photoshop done this before?

Adobe photoshop had released its first web version last year in October. It included simple tools and functions. Some of the features were basic editing, that included layering and some core editing. But that was not giving the exact idea of what Adobe photoshop is like, with updates over years till date.

One such example of the previous release is that the users had to share a document from their desktop to use the mere collaboration tool.

Now, with the new version it could possibly let the users log in and start using a new document without having to upload a new one.

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