Amazon examines a new service that gives recommendation to shoppers

Sharmaine Centeno
Sharmaine Centeno September 20, 2018
Updated 2022/04/14 at 10:59 AM

Amazon is testing its upcoming service which helps shoppers to decide on what product they want to buy.

to CNBC, the new tool is called Scout, a machine-learning which is supported by visual shopping tool. It gives thumbs up and thumbs down icon that can be clicked by a user if they agree or not in a particular product that has been recommended to them. The new feature will let users to see related products that they want.

Amazon’s spokesperson stated in an emailed statement “This is a new way to shop, allowing customers to browse millions of items and quickly refine the selection based solely on visual attributes,” He added that the company uses imagery from across its strong option to remove thousands of visual attributes of products so that users can select their preferences as they go.

is exclusively available for home furniture, kitchen and dining products, women’s shoes, home decor, patio furniture, lighting and bedding. According to the company, the other categories are going to be available soon.

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