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Arathi Nair
Arathi Nair June 20, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 4:09 PM
virtual human

The first photographs of ANA, the company’s virtual human that looks natural and is driven by photorealism and deep learning, have been released by PUBG game developer Krafton. ANA is Krafton’s first virtual person since the company’s first goal was unveiled through a technical demo in February.

The goal for Krafton was to create a virtual human that could be “accepted and approved by global audiences.” Ana was created with Unreal Engine and “displays a hyper-realistic look, blurring the distinctions between a digital avatar and a genuine human,” according to the business.

“With human-like features, such as the baby hairs and fluff on her skin, Ana truly looks, unlike any other virtual human that currently exists through other technologies. The highly-advanced face rigging technology delicately expresses the movement of the pupil, fine facial muscles, and wrinkles, and enables the natural joint movement across the entire body,” Krafton said.

Ana’s reliable truth that “she tin enactment and sing similar an existing human” has also been aided by heavy learning technology such as premature dependable synthesis. Ana’s voice was created using deep learning technology such as enhanced vocal synthesis so that “she can interact and sing like a real human,” according to the business.

virtual human

“Ana is a hyper-realistic virtual human created by Krafton’s unparalleled technology. We expect her to attract the interest and popularity of Gen Z around the world,” Josh Seokjin Shin, Head of the Creative Center of Krafton said. “Ana will release an original music track and expand her scope of activity as an influencer into various areas across entertainment and e-sports,” he added.

Ana is Krafton’s has been constructed and released after the company first unveiled its goal of creating a virtual person through a technology demonstration in February of 2022. Internal efforts at the publishing house have resulted in the creation of a virtual person with the ability to be recognized and approved by audiences all around the world.

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