Anti vax dating site exposed data for 3,500 users through ‘debug mode’ bug

Sharanya Sinha
Sharanya Sinha July 26, 2022
Updated 2022/08/05 at 2:41 PM

Not surprisingly, people who avoid vaccinations also lack preventative cybersecurity. According to a Daily Dot report, “Anti Vax”, a dating site for people who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19, failed to take basic precautions to protect user data by revealing and sharing sensitive data with anyone. Someone allows to become a website. manager A “non-typed” site is set up to be fully accessible to anyone who knows how to search the admin panel.

Through this panel, the administrator can access the user information of any member of the site, including their name, date of birth, email address and (if provided) home address. The configuration error was discovered by a security researcher named GeopJr, who confirmed the Daily Dot vulnerability by editing live posts on the site. GeopJr noted that a “debug mode” had been enabled and released directly to the web, a set of special features that developers can use while working on an app that shouldn’t be enabled by default in the app. It was used. Using these features, researchers could make almost any change to the site, including adding or removing pages, offering free subscriptions to paid services, or deleting entire backup databases.

Currently, the site is believed to have approximately 3,500 users, all of whose information is accessible through administrative functions. Despite its small user base, Uninjected has big ambitions to unite the unvaccinated community. In addition to providing dating services, Unjected also offers a “fertility” section where users can donate their sperm, eggs or breast milk. In another part of the website, users can register in the “Blood Bank” by specifying their location and blood type. Both the blood bank and the fertility services are said to help users find donors without mRNA – a reference to the mRNA molecules used in Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines. After Anti Vax was removed from the Apple App Store in August 2021 for violating Apple’s COVID-19 content policy, the Anti Vax website is now one of the project’s main portals. However, Android users can still download the app if they want: it is currently in the Google Play Store, with more than 10,000 downloads and an average rating of 2.5 stars.

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