Anticipating iPhone 16: Minimal Design Changes and AI Features Postponed to 2025

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey January 31, 2024
Updated 2024/01/31 at 8:13 AM

While the tech community anxiously awaits the 2024 release of the iPhone 16 series, new information indicates that Apple is putting functionality ahead of significant design changes. Notably, rumors suggest that the iPhone 16 will keep a familiar design overall, even if there may be a new touch- and pressure-responsive capture button for the camera. Reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo offers these observations, igniting debates on Apple’s strategic decisions and the delay of major AI-centric features.

iPhone 16 Design Outlook:

Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest disclosures suggest that the iPhone 16 series won’t see any significant cosmetic alterations, despite expectations of ground-breaking design revisions. Apple may pair the new models with their iPhone 15 equivalents, since the company is dedicated to promoting uniformity and improving functionality. However, this choice can give rise to well-known jokes and memes regarding the iPhone’s steadfast design, which are customary in the IT industry.

AI Focus Postponed Until 2025:

Kuo’s observations go beyond the actual features of the iPhone and explore Apple’s purported AI focus. Although iOS 18 was supposed to have AI, Kuo says that the biggest advancements in AI functionality for iPhones might not come along until 2025. This information puts the upcoming release of the iPhone 17 in the following year as a possible hotspot for Apple’s ground-breaking AI capabilities.

Apple debuts iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max - Apple (IN)

iOS 18 and Gradual AI Integration:

Although significant AI capabilities have been postponed, iOS 18 is expected to have certain AI components. According to Kuo’s analysis, Apple may be introducing AI features piecemeal, maybe starting in 2024 and rolling out a full suite of AI technologies in the years that follow. This strategy is in line with the requirement for extensive testing, particularly in light of the early-stage rumors regarding on-device data processing.

Apple has decided to forgo drastic design changes in favor of practical advancements for the next iPhone 16 series, which offers an exciting combination of familiarity and innovation. The insights provided by Ming-Chi Kuo illuminate Apple’s methodical approach to its AI endeavor, which places a strategic emphasis on system consolidation and rigorous testing prior to full-scale integration. While the IT world anxiously awaits Apple’s next steps, the 2025 release of the iPhone 17 appears to be a significant turning point for innovative AI technologies.

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