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Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas July 14, 2022
Updated 2022/07/17 at 10:24 PM

There have been speculations of Apple launching a new line of Apple AirPod Pro 2 sometime in 2022. This model is to arrive on the market in a new ear design. 

Its predecessor, Apple Airpods Pro were released in 2019, a little while after the pandemic hit and the public heard no news of any upgrades. A rumour from the supply chain claims that Apple will release this new and advanced Airpod with Health focused features around late 2022. 

A ‘leak of news’ by the rumour mill has it, that Apple Pro 2 might have dual-sized AirPods, but this speculation hasn’t been repeated again.

All over, the newest designs of earpads are just the buds without the stem or a little bit of the stem, so maybe Apple might do something similar or completely different to stand out in the market. 

See the source imageBut here comes a problem. There has been questioning on how users will navigate without the stem of said Airpod because the stem is responsible for media playback access. The stem houses the Apple Force Sensor and can connect with Siri. 

Without the stem, the touch controls might climb up to the bud itself and no one is quite sure about how that will play out. 

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the processor of Apple Airpods will have some major upgrades, and if the shape and size of the earpod changes (without stem) so will the charging port (aka apple AirPod case) for better and easier access. 

It’s speculated to have an auto switch option operated by Siri. Also, better battery longevity is to be expected. 

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Lossless audio playback might make an appearance in AirPord Pro 2, along with a rumoured name of AirpPlay 3. 

Some of the much talked about health-focused components of this upcoming product are the –

-Possibility of a built-in hearing aid with concentration boost. 

-Heart rate monitoring

-Temperate sensor alerting when temp changes

-Posture alert

If the product design is changing it’s obvious that so will the charging case aka AirPod Case. It’s speculated to come with an external speaker, a tracking feature (like in Apple Airtags), a faster charging. 

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An external speaker will help tremendously with the “Apple Find Me” feature, especially when the latest version doesn’t emit any kind of sound! 

The rumour mill has it that Apple AirPod Pro 2 might be released at the end of 2022, for a forfit of $250 (Rs 19,920). 

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