Apple Prepares to Challenge Google & Microsoft with Generative Tech

Mahek Baid
Mahek Baid February 4, 2024
Updated 2024/02/04 at 6:15 AM

Apple is expected to unveil its new generative AI solutions for iPhone and Mac at WWDC 2024. Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at this development and emphasized Apple’s commitment to investing in technologies that will shape the future, including AI. While Cook did not provide all the details, his remarks suggest that Apple aims to rival the capabilities of Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI in the AI industry.

Generative AI has gained widespread attention with the rise of technologies like ChatGPT, and every major player in the industry is incorporating it into their products, including Google, Adobe, and Nvidia. Although Apple has added some AI features to its software, it has not done so to the same extent as its competitors.

Insiders predict that Apple will unveil advanced generative AI features with iOS 18, the next version of its mobile operating system, at its annual WWDC, typically held in June. However, Apple might not explicitly use the term ‘Generative AI’ during the presentation, like how it avoided using ‘Augmented Reality’ and ‘Virtual Reality’ for its recent Vision Pro headset.

Apple is investing millions daily in artificial intelligence, with its advanced Large Language Model (Ajax GPT) being trained on over 200 billion parameters. Apple’s machine learning research team quietly released MLX last year, a framework designed to build foundation models for running generative AI apps on its chips, possibly extending these capabilities to MacBooks. As Apple enters the Generative AI arena, the tech world eagerly awaits to see how it will redefine the landscape and bring a new era of innovation to iPhones and Macs.

While Apple has significant resources for investing in Generative AI, it is expected to take a more measured approach, steering clear of rushed strategies employed by its peers to grab attention. Reports indicate that Apple is investing millions daily into artificial intelligence, and it will be interesting to see how it will redefine the landscape and bring a new era of innovation to iPhones and Macs.

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