Apple Scary Fast Event: The Ultimate Guide for Indian Viewers

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey January 14, 2024
Updated 2024/01/14 at 4:48 PM

Apple enthusiasts, get ready for an exciting occasion called “Scary Fast.” Apple’s October 31st (IST) event is scheduled to reveal some spooky revelations. We’ll explore the intriguing expectations from this event, the mysterious hints in the invite, and how and when to watch the live broadcast in this in-depth guide.

A ‘Scary Fast’ Event: When and How to Witness It

Details of Live Streaming

Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event will be streamed live on both its YouTube channel and official website. On October 31, the event begins live in India at 5:30 AM. The action starts on October 30 at 5 PM Pacific Time for our friends in America.

 A Look Past the Curtain: Hints in the Invitation

Interpreting the Invitation

Precious clues abound in the invitation, indicating that the focus of the event is Apple’s Mac environment. There is a lot of excitement about the potential release of new MacBook models and the much awaited iMac models.

 A Look Ahead: What Can We Expect from Apple Very Soon?

Apple schedules 'Scary fast' event on October 30 — New Macs expected

Improved MacBook Pro Series

With the upcoming M3 Pro and M3 Max CPUs, Apple is ready to update its portfolio of MacBook Pro notebooks. According to early rumors from MacRumours, the M3 Pro processor will have an 18-core GPU and a 12-core CPU; an upgrade will give you a whopping 20-core GPU and 14 cores of CPU power. In the meantime, the entry-level M3 Max processor has a powerful 16-core GPU that can be upgraded to a mind-boggling 32-core or 40-core GPU. A power-efficient miniLED display may be included in these upcoming Pro laptops, which would improve user experience even further.

Apple iMac: An Amazing Resurrection

Following the 2021 update, an updated iMac is scheduled to return to the Apple range. This iMac may be the first Apple product to employ the M3 processor, the same powerful technology that will likely be found in the next MacBook Air. Performance gains for the CPU and GPU are expected to be substantial with the switch from the M1 to the M3 processor. There will soon be bigger capacity SSDs with more RAM support, as well as an update to Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi 6E. Rumor has it that fans may even get to see additional color possibilities, including orange, blue, pink, and silver finishes. Hang on tight because, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple may redesign the iMac stand to make it even more attractive.

The USB-C Era of Accessories

With Apple allegedly doing away with the Lightning port in a number of Mac peripherals, such as the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Keyboard, an evolution is anticipated. These gadgets will adopt the adaptable USB-C connector, bringing them into line with the larger Apple ecosystem.

The ‘Scary Fast’ event promises to be a thrilling demonstration of Apple’s inventiveness and dedication to producing cutting-edge technology. Anticipated highlights include new MacBook Pro models, an updated iMac, and the USB-C revolution. Prepare for an experience that will transform your connection to Apple’s Mac environment by setting your alarms for this thrilling early-morning film.

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