Apple to Revamp Entire AirPods Lineup with Major Changes

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey February 1, 2024
Updated 2024/02/01 at 7:41 AM

Apple intends to significantly redesign the whole line of AirPods. The business is getting ready to release new iterations of its entry-level AirPods in 2024 and upgraded AirPods Pro in 2025, with notable improvements to their cases, designs, and audio quality. Furthermore, next year will see the release of a new version of Apple’s premium AirPods Max headphones.

Phased Transition:

By next year, Apple plans to gradually phase out the second and third generation AirPods in favor of two different variants of the fourth generation AirPods. Although they will cost about the same as their predecessors, these new versions will be more distinctive. The upgraded charging case and active noise cancellation from the AirPods Pro model will be included in the more expensive form of the fourth generation AirPods.

Current Pricing and Changes:

With very little price difference, Apple now sells the second-generation AirPods for Rs. 12,900 and the third generation for Rs. 19,900. At the ‘Wonder lust’ event in September, the second-generation AirPods Pro—which retail for Rs. 24,900—received an upgrade that includes switching from a Lightning port to a USB Type-C port for charging.

Universal USB Type-C Charging:

Apple Reportedly Plans AirPods Lineup Revamp: 4th Generation Earbuds, New  AirPods Max in 2024 | Technology News

In addition, Apple is moving all its AirPods—including the impending AirPods Max—to USB Type-C charging to phase out the Lightning connector. The USB Type-C connectors included in Apple’s most recent iPhone 15 series, which was unveiled last month, heralded the slow phase-out of the Lightning port, which was first introduced with the iPhone 5.

These impending adjustments to Apple’s AirPods assortment demonstrate the company’s dedication to providing customers with a better audio experience and greater product diversity.

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