Apple’s IPad Is Still Dominating The Tab Market

Moubani Pal
Moubani Pal May 2, 2022
Updated 2022/05/02 at 6:19 PM


Without meaningful competition, the iPad continues to dominate the tablet industry.  According to recent research from Canalys, Apple’s iPad led the tablet market in the United States for the fourth quarter as well as the whole year of 2021. It nearly quadrupled the shipments of Amazon, which ended in second place for the year, with 19.1 million iPads sold and a 42.1 percent market share.

Despite its domination, the company’s 2021 iPad shipments are down 17 percent from the previous year’s sales, according to the research. Apple maintained its tablet supremacy in both the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2021, shipping 19.1 million iPads, a 17 percent decrease from 2020.
As the country’s top Android providers, Amazon and Samsung came in second and third with 10.9 million and 7.9 million devices, respectively. In comparison to the same period in 2020, both witnessed comparatively low holiday season demand. Microsoft and Lenovo came in fourth and fifth place in the tablet market in 2021, respectively.


Apple’s market share of the PC (desktop and laptop) industry has increased by 12% year over year to over 11%. It is presently behind Lenovo, Dell, and HP, but now outperforms Acer and other PC manufacturers. HP leads all vendors in the full-year PC market, excluding tablets in 2021. Despite a solid position in the Chromebook industry, the company struggled in Q4 as demand from the education sector cooled off. Dell gained traction as the year progressed, eventually taking the lead in Q4 and finishing the year in the second position with 22.0 million devices sold. Lenovo came in the third position, with an outstanding 11 percent growth rate projected for 2020. Apple and Acer rounded out the top five, with both companies forecasting growth through 2020.

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