Apple’s New Self-Repair Policy: All You Need to Know

Mahek Baid
Mahek Baid April 12, 2024
Updated 2024/04/12 at 8:17 AM

Apple has recently announced significant changes to its self-repair program for iPhones. The aim is to make it easier for users to fix their devices at home. Previously, the process was quite strict and limited, often requiring users to obtain spare parts and tools directly from Apple.

One significant hurdle was Apple’s insistence on using only new and genuine iPhone parts for repairs. However, this policy is now evolving to allow users to repair certain iPhone models using used parts, whether sourced from themselves, friends, or neighbors.

Apple has   been particular about the parts used in iPhone repairs, even going so far as to issue notifications when aftermarket parts were detected. For crucial components like Face ID or Touch ID sensors, using non-Apple parts could render these features unusable. However, Apple is now asserting that used genuine parts will function just as effectively and securely as new ones, maintaining the original factory calibration.

What Are Apple's New Self-Repair Kits All About?

This new self-repair policy is initially rolling out for iPhone 15 and later models, permitting the use of used displays, batteries, and cameras in repairs. Future iPhone models will also support the use of Face ID sensors, potentially saving users significant costs compared to purchasing new parts.

To ensure transparency, Apple will document details of replaced parts, storing this information in the iPhone’s Parts and Service History section on iOS. This measure provides users with a clear record of the repair process and the components used.

Apple’s move towards a more flexible repair policy was partially influenced by the US government’s Right to Repair bill, which mandated the initiation of the self-repair program. Although Apple has historically been cautious about third-party repairs, these recent changes indicate a shift towards accommodating user needs and preferences, ultimately enhancing the repair experience for iPhone owners.

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