Arc Browser now available for Windows

Shruti Govil
Shruti Govil May 4, 2024
Updated 2024/05/04 at 2:25 AM

The Arc browser for Windows 11 has been made available by The Browser Company. The Arc browser for Windows 11 is based on the open-source, free Chromium engine and is developed using Apple’s Swift programming language. In essence, it keeps the functionalities of the Windows and Apple versions of the browser equal.

But other capabilities that are supported by Apple’s macOS version—like Little Arc, which opens a link in a floating pop-up window—are absent from the original Arc browser for Windows. However, touchscreen is supported by the Arc browser version on Windows.

The Browser Company’s Arc browser is only compatible with Windows 11, however support for Windows 10 is being developed.

Browser Details

The Arc browser for Windows 11 features a collapsible sidebar to the left, just like on the Mac. Everything takes place here, leaving the main browser window free from distractions. The features that the Windows Arc browser offers are as follows:

Spaces: These can be thought of as a bin or a folder where you can nest tabs into different sets suited for different tasks, such “Work” and “Home.”

Profiles: By creating distinct profiles for each user, the browser is able to separate surfing preferences and data, providing for a more customized browsing experience.

For better multitasking, split view displays several tabs side by side within a single window.

Picture-in-picture video player: Enables viewers to watch videos in a movable pop-up window. It is claimed that by removing the need to go between tabs or windows, this feature will increase user productivity by simplifying the surfing process.

How to download?

The Browsing Company’s website offers a direct download and installation link for the Arc browser, as Windows inherently permits third-party app downloads from their websites.

The Microsoft Store does not presently have it accessible. Consequently, do the following to get the Arc browser for Windows 11:

  • Go to with any open browser.
  • Click or tap the “Download Arc for Windows 11” menu item.
  • In the event that a pop-up window shows, choose the folder to download the installer package and grant permission to download.
  • Locate the installer package in the folder and give it a double click.
  • Install the browser by following the on-screen directions.
  • When it’s finished, the home screen will display the browser icon. If not, locate the browser by doing a manual search for “Arc” in the start-up menu. For convenience, you can tack it to the taskbar. 
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