Are Pre-Installed Apps Finally Going To Dissapear For Good?

Not having to tackle bloatware apps might be more exciting oven getting a brand-new phone - here is how.

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas March 20, 2023
Updated 2023/03/20 at 7:23 PM

The joy of purchasing a new smartphone is unmatched but no one likes to deal with the clutter of pre-installed apps. They are unwelcomed and mostly cannot be deleted. Even after disabling them, they cannot be fully removed and still take up space which could be utilized elsewhere. Fortunately, government authorities have taken steps to mitigate this problem – once and for all. 

No one is free of this packaged hassle no one asked for – be it a handset from Xiaomi, Realmi, Samsung or Vivo. This also makes people believe in the widespread theory of users having less and less control over their smartphones – which isn’t at all appreciated. However, this problem has been recognized and steps are been taken to eradicate it. Government plans to establish an authorized lab which hence would control new smartphones introduced in the market. Companies would be given 385 days to implement said change, in hopes of eradicating such meaningless apps on smartphones. 

This step hasn’t been taken because lakhs have raised their voice against it, but also because it violated various national security issues brought to attention. Governments are in hopes of reducing the amount of information that can be sold/provided to large corporations and institutes of foreign countries. We hope to receive smartphones without unnecessary bloatware in future. It’s also no surprise that gov has their eyes focused on Chinese manufacturers. This undeniable and decades-long political tension between countries is hardly new to people. This has led to a ban of over 300 Chinese apps in India, the most popular being TikTok. It is hoped that other countries will soon follow India’s lead and get rid of this bloatware, once and for all. 

How to delete apps on iPhone

A few of the several inconveniences of the pre-installed apps include –

1. Pre-installed apps eat away at RAM and ROM storage (more than you’ll think) and this is not good for people who need heaps of storage and might just buy phones for the very reason. 

2. These apps serve you no purpose and still slow down your processor, especially if they continue running in the background. 

3. They have a tendency to ‘auto updating’ themselves when you have no use for them – reducing storage which cannot be uninstalled. Also, the bugs of these apps never get fixed. 

4. These apps are the favourites of hackers as it’s easier to input malware into your device via apps you never check and would least check off. It poses as a serious security threat able to absorb sensitive and confidential information. 

5. These apps which are not per most users’ tastes clutter up the space of the home screen and app drawer making it harder to find apps one actually wants to use. 

6. As mentioned before, these apps can seldom be uninstalled. The most that can be done is disabling the app but sometimes even that is not possible. 


In conclusion, pre-installed apps are inconvenient for most, especially for those who want to exercise full control over their gadgets and are sensitive about their privacy. Removing such apps is best for all, and it is hoped that this decision gets followed through in India and the rest of the world. 


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