Artificial Intelligence that Resurrects Dead: Cute or Creepy?

Shiwangi Arya
Shiwangi Arya April 26, 2022
Updated 2022/05/03 at 9:18 AM
Artificial Intelligence that Resurrects Dead: Cute or Creepy?
Source: My First Animation
Artificial Intelligence that Resurrects Dead: Cute or Creepy?
Source: Interesting Engineering

Artificial intelligence is one of the greatest innovations in technology. Considering the wonders it does, there are other aspects of it that we must look upon. What if I say that you can bring pictures to life using AI!

With one tap on your phone, the dead in the pictures will gain back life. All thanks to artificial intelligence. Cherie, 25, a Florida mum, witnessed her late parent smile and blink all because of an app called, My Heritage. The Israel-based app uses AI to “reawaken” dead from the pictures and blow life in them. Cherie was immensely shocked and happy at the same time to observe her parent smiling back at her. However, as beautiful as it sounds, some people found it creepy.

How Does the App Use the Artificial Intelligence Technology? 

The application uses artificial intelligence to create short videos that puff life. It has the ability to revive photos and portraits, years or even centuries old. The faces are fused over “driver” animations to make the person seem as if they are blinking, smiling, nodding, etc. However, different people have different opinions about the application. Some are appalled and surprised while others find it creepy. Various videos of this feature of AI went viral last year and elevated important questions regarding this technology.

People are going crazy over this feature of artificial intelligence. Cherie resurrected her father, who passed away at the age of 67. She was extremely excited to show it to her mother and sisters. Moreover, she posted its video on TikTok that went crazily viral. The 15-sec video has garnered over 5.5 million views. She captioned the video, “I brought my dad back to life after 8 years”. Besides Cherie, another TikToker’s video went viral who brought the 99-year-old war veteran, Jake Larson to life. He also goes by the name “Papa Jake”. The video got thirty nine million views.

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