Best Crypto Under $1 – The Most Inexpensive Crypto Currency For Investment 

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas July 27, 2022
Updated 2022/07/29 at 7:13 PM

Crypto Currency has been a fast-growing investment scheme with its vast variety of Crypto Currencies. It has left a lot of new investors scratching their heads at the tough of which one would reap profit and would be a smart investment. Crypto is a lot about risk-taking and understanding the market and now many are particularly fond of that with their money. Here is a list of all the best Crypto Currency under $1 one can invest in and reap benefits without pulling out their hair. 

It’s easy to make mistakes with so many new kinds of coins on market, hence it’s important to understand the Crypto Currency you invest in, how and where one invests and how the whole ordeal works out. 


Battle Infinity (iBAT) 

It’s also known as the best new cryptocurrency to buy for under a dollar. Battle infinity is a gaming platform combining the metaverse and blockchain creating a fully decentralized relationship of the players and creators having total control over their characters and gameplay and their in-game goods. 

This game provides a safe space for gamers to invest and enjoy while they are at it, in a completely safe and unrestricted environment. It has 6 modes of investment. 


Ibat premier league – this decentralised blockchain-based NF fantasy sport allows players to create their very own strategy, and team, with chosen players, allowing them to play and win around the world. 

Ibat battle swap – this functions as a decentralised exchange of a bank, making it possible for new players to buy Ibat tokens immediately after new joining. These players then can exchange their earned wins for desired currency. 

Ibat battle market –  this game tokenized all the players’ assets and characters in the game into NFTs. This tokenization is unique, putting value to the said token, which depends on the rarity of the article. 

Ibat battle games – this is a marketplace with multiplayer gamers who can easily utilize this platform to access a variety of NFT games to win and turn earing into actual currency. 

Ibat battle arena – In this battle arena, all users can customize their own avatars by purchasing clothes or accessories from the battle market, personalizing their characters. 

Ibat Battle Stake – the battle stake allows a user to compete with other players (stakers) in order to earn bigger APYs. 


Buying the cryptocurrency : 

Opening the battle infinite pre-sale website > Buying Binance coins > Connecting to Battle Infinite Wallet > Selecting the desired amount of IBAT > Completing the purchase 


Lucky Block (LBLOCK) 

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Lucky block, also known as the best choice for cryptocurrency under $1, it’s known to be the biggest project launched in the year of 2022. 

This Crypto Currency has been working on transforming the global lottery system with an alternate way of holding and playing it. Lucky Block is based on Binance Smart Chain, making it one of the most ambitious cryptocurrencies out in the market. 

Lucky breaks might not remain as Crypto Currency under $1 the way it’s climbing the charts of popularity. It’s said to bring ‘transparency’ in the world of lottery, by simplifying the process and making it a smooth process with clear and verifiable results. It also comes with easy access, making it more of global interest, thus attracting millions.

Right now, Lucky Block is “undervalued”, so it would be smart to invest in some, and hold it until this crypto reaches the heights it deserves. 


Dogecoin (DOGE) – 



Dogecoin is known as the best meme cryptocurrency under $1. Yes, even meme world has shaken hands with the new world of investment. Even though people where convinced that DOGE will be the next best cryptocurrency after Elon Musk serial tweeted about it back in the day, it’s far far away from the hights we thought it would reach. 

But, it isn’t a total flop as it still has some recognition in the crypto market and retains some of it’s recognition in market. 

If the idea is to capture a crypto at a lower price, now it the perfect time to do so before this infamous token gets to its new hights. The price of Dogecoin most probably won’t fall any lower, so even if it doesn’t gain much  popularity, the price cannot possibly fall anymore. 


Hedera (HBAR) 

It’s known as The best-distributed ledger technology cryptocurrency under $1. The distributed ledger tech is the a pretty new initiative gaining a lot of attention from the blockchain. It aims at changing the way data is stored, by using hashtags in place of blocks all the while it retains all pros of blockchain system. It’s the first initiative in the technology side of this field and has been selling like hot cakes in the world of cryptocurrency under a dollar. 


Basic Attention Token (BAT) 

BAT is also known as the The best Cryptocurrency under $1 when it comes to long term investments. This crypto, launched in the year 2017 is known as a ‘DeFi token’ which has been designed to help advertisers gauge and calculate the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign. This was a huge hit with the marketing departments all over the world, changing the gameplay of the team and how the world took more advantage of marketing schemes. 

This is also the reason why even in 2022, a lot of people still have their eyes on BAT and have been itching for a good opportunity to invest in some. Basic Attention Token is at a much lower price that it’s highest price of almost $2. This might just be the best time to invest in this ever growing prospect.


Cryptocurrency is an ordeal for many and some are just curious but have no idea how to approach it. As scary and daunting it is, it’s a field with it’s own risks and rewards. These where some of the Best Cryptocurrency Under $1. 


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