Best upcoming Laptops in 2023

Daksh Talan
Daksh Talan January 22, 2023
Updated 2023/01/25 at 6:51 PM
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Gaming is one of the major genres in the world and is considered a job to many people and that is true as gamers are earning millions per month due to their high skill level and reflex. One of the major factors they are good at the game also depends on their computer, all these gamers use top-notch high-end PCs which provide them with the best performance and if u also want the same performance but in a laptop, we have the laptops listed for you to make your search for laptops easy.

These laptops will be released in 2023 and are one of the best choices:-

1) Asus Zephyrus g16- This beast comes with an intel 13th gen processor which is a god tier processor for gaming and to take it to the next level this laptop also has an RTX 4070 graphics card with 8 Gb VRAM 120 watt Tgp with dynamic boost, u can upgrade up to 48 GB of ram and up to 2 TB SSD. This laptop has a 2k QHD+ 240hz/3ms Display with 100%srgb and much more. The screen of this laptop is perfect for content creation/gaming/colour grading works.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 2023

2)Lenovo legion pro 7i- This laptop is packed with performance and u can’t miss this deal by Lenovo, This laptop has an intel 13th gen processor [ I9-13900HX] with the top graphics card to this day RTX 4090 16 Gb VRAM ddr6 with 175-watt tgp. This laptop supports up to 32 Gb ram ddr5 [6000mhz] and also supports up to 2 TB SSD. This laptop has a 2k IPS display with 240hz/3ms and 100 %srgb with much more.

Lenovo Legion 7

3) Razor Blade 18- Let’s talk about the display of this laptop, it has an 18-inch QHD+ 240hz 2k display with 500 nits of brightness also with a 3ms response time. This monster comes with an RTX 4090 16GB VRAM [175 watts] supporting a memory of whooping 64GB ddr5 [5200mhz] and also can go up to 2TB SSD 4.0NVME

razer blade 18

These are the best laptops you can get in 2023 and get the best performance in every game or any software.

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