“Byju’s: Learning to Tame the Social Media Beast!”

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey January 15, 2024
Updated 2024/01/15 at 3:29 PM

Welcome to the virtual classroom where the world’s largest online education provider Byju’s not only imparts knowledge but also establishes social media guidelines! In an unexpected turn of events, they’ve implemented a new social media policy for staff members, and it’s creating quite a stir.

“The Edtech Giant and Its Social Media Saga” is the introduction.

Imagine this: The titan of online education, Byju’s, has made the decision to establish certain social media policies for its staff. However, why, you ask? Let’s just assume that the recent journey has been rocky and that they wish to reroute the ship.

“Social Media Policy Version 1.0” is the new set of guidelines.

Hold on to your electronic gadgets because Byju’s has updated its rules. The “Social Media Policy Version 1.0” paper states that staff are no longer allowed to communicate with the press directly or share any images or videos of the business. It resembles a shutdown on social media!

These new laws now have penalties for breaking them. Employees who violate the social media policy may be subject to disciplinary action or possibly legal action, according to the paper. To put it mildly, it’s a severe approach.

The Unhappiness Catch-22: “Voices of Unrest”

You might be wondering why social media policies are now necessary. It would appear that some of the present and former employees are unhappy, as they have been vocalizing their worries on different social media sites. It was time for Byju to establish some limits, she concluded.

The reply from Byju is “Reviewing Policies for a Brighter Future”

Byju’s is not oblivious to the noise. They have said that they are reviewing their business procedures and policies to make sure they are in line with industry best practices. This revised social media policy is only a component of the whole.

“Learning and Adapting in the Digital Age”

Learning isn’t just for students in the realm of edtech titans and online education; it’s also for businesses. Byju’s is adjusting to the changing nature of staff communication and social media. The guidelines that govern the digital classroom are expanding along with it. Watch this space for additional insights from the byjus’ world!

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