Cloudflare outage affects popular websites

Arathi Nair
Arathi Nair June 23, 2022
Updated 2022/06/23 at 2:58 PM

A Tuesday disruption at Cloudflare, a content delivery network utilized by many businesses, brought down numerous websites all across the world.

Several websites throughout the world were taken down earlier today due to a brief outage at Cloudflare, a popular CDN option for many businesses. Many of these websites were completely unreachable to the general public. Websites including Discord, Canva, Streamyard, and even the main page for the London-based firm Nothing were among them.

Along with cryptocurrency exchanges including WazirX, FTX, Bitfinex, and OKX, websites like Udemy, Splunk, Quora, and Crunchyroll were also unavailable. The majority of these websites could be accessed subsequently

The outage was swiftly confirmed by Cloudflare via a tweet, and shortly after, it was revealed that a remedy was being developed. For all sites impacted, it now appears to be fixed.

An additional layer of routing that builds a network of links is a crucial component of this new architecture. According to the internet infrastructure company, this mesh enables Cloudflare to quickly disable and enable specific internal networks within data centers for maintenance or to address issues.

19 of Cloudflare’s data centers were hit by the outage, the company stated, adding that “sadly, these 19 sites handle a considerable part of our global traffic.” Even though these sites make up only 4% of our entire network, the outage affected 50% of all queries, the company wrote in a blog post.

A “change that was a part of a long-running project to strengthen resilience in our busiest areas” is what prompted the outage, according to the report.


At 11:57 IST, the outage began. The first data center was restored up at 12:28 IST, and by 1:12 IST all information systems were up and functioning properly, according to the business.

A significant global internet outage occurred on June 9 of last year, and the firm responsible, Fastly, said that the problem was brought on by a software error that was activated when one of its users altered their settings. The outage has sparked concerns about the web’s reliance on a small number of infrastructure firms. High-traffic websites, including news sources like The Guardian and The New York Times were affected by Fastly’s problem.

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