Corning is planning to launch a foldable Gorilla Glass

Sharmaine Centeno
Sharmaine Centeno March 11, 2019
Updated 2022/04/14 at 10:58 AM

According to Wired, Corning is reportedly working on a foldable glass that will have a durable and will have anti-scratch features.

According to John Bayne, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Corning Gorilla Glass “Glass today, the current choices out there, they’re not optimal” for foldable Android phone. Bayne also added, “In a glass solution, you’re really challenging the laws of physics, in that to get a very tight bend radius you want to go thinner and thinner, but you also have to be able to survive a drop event and resist damage.”

John Mauro said the company is working on the flexibility and thickness of the glass that can be easily bent with the same size. Mauro added, “With the polymer, the molecules can rearrange themselves more easily in response to stress, whereas the glass has a more rigid structure, so the response of the glass is going to be more elastic.”

Corning has not yet confirmed the leaked information about their upcoming foldable glass, but Wired was told by Bayne that the new glass will be ready in a couple of years.

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