Twitter to allow edit button for the blue tick users

techinnews April 16, 2022
Updated 2022/04/16 at 6:12 PM


One of the biggest grudge against the the microblogging social media site Twitter was that users could not edit their tweets and that had consequences. Now its learnt that Twitter has been working on a solution in order to include the feature where one can change their tweet once its published on their platform.

Earlier one had to delete the tweet and retype it if there were some typo errors or some other issue. Twitter said that it is planning to roll out their new feature first on the verified blue tick users.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was not a fan of Edit button.  According to him that would change the whole meaning of a tweet if its edited after it went viral. The current CEO Parag seems to be open to the idea. There was also a April fools joke that Twitter had added a edit button however it seems it was not a joke at all. Twitter has been contemplating on the issue for a while.

Elon Musk has been critical of Twitter from a long time. He already has expressed his opinion in regards to add an Edit button. Currently he is the single largest shareholder of Twitter with 9.2% stake in the company which he bought for nearly 3 billion dollars and that has huge potential to make changes on the platform.

Currently we have no idea within what timeframe can users edit their tweets.


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