Exploring the Apple Vision Pro: What Apps Come Pre-Installed on VisionOS?

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey January 22, 2024
Updated 2024/01/22 at 7:18 AM

With its distinct operating system, VisionOS, Apple’s much awaited mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, is now available for pre-order in the United States, marking the start of a new era. Apple has carefully chosen a selection of pre-installed apps to improve enjoyment, usefulness, and productivity on the Vision Pro, as consumers excitedly await the immersive experience.

The App Lineup for Vision Pro

Apple has unveiled a well chosen collection that includes a blend of well-known and novel apps to guarantee a thorough user experience. A preview of the Vision Pro’s pre-installed apps is provided here:

Key Independent Apps

Stressing wellbeing via attentive experiences is known as mindfulness.

FaceTime: Apple’s visual communication tool facilitates seamless user connections.

Enabling users to record and save moments within the mixed reality setting.

  • Notes: Introducing note-taking convenience into the immersive environment.
  • Photos: Organizing and savoring memories from a distinctive angle.
  • Apps like Voice Memos, Stocks, and News are crucial for maintaining organization and knowledge.
  • Maps: A smooth way to navigate both the actual and virtual worlds.
  • An inventive instrument for artistic expression in the field of mixed reality is called Freeform.
  • Help, Audio, Podcasts, and Calendar: Including well-known features for user comfort.
  • Safari: Immersion-based online browsing.
  • Meet Dinosaurs: An engaging learning opportunity for users.

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Keys to Productivity

Navigating through the settings, messaging, and home controls of a smart home.
Reminders, Mail, Keynote: Using emails, presentations, and reminders to streamline productivity.

  • Books: Introducing literate journeys into the realm of mixed reality.
  • App Store: Getting access to a selection of customizable third-party apps.
  • Files, Shortcuts: Organizing files and effectively dividing up work.

Closing: Revealing a New World

With Apple preparing for the February 2nd introduction of the Vision Pro, consumers can expect a wide range of pre-installed apps that enhance the immersive and detailed mixed reality experience. Even while the Vision Pro’s App Store may not have certain popular apps at first, like Netflix and Spotify, it promises further growth and potential.

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