Exploring the Exciting Reveals from Google Cloud Next 2023 Keynote

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey August 29, 2023
Updated 2023/08/29 at 3:41 PM

Tech lovers won’t want to miss the amazing developments that came out of the Google Cloud Next 2023 event. This yearly event, which was held in San Francisco, highlighted Google’s achievements in the cutthroat cloud sector, led by CEO Thomas Kurian. With Amazon and Microsoft as formidable rivals, Google’s emphasis on Generative AI grabbed the show and sparked several improvements.

The Power of Vertex and Generative AI Revealed

Google unveiled Vertex AI, a thorough artificial intelligence platform that smoothly combines all of Google’s cloud services, two years ago. The development, implementation, and growth of machine learning models are made simpler by this breakthrough. With the current release of Vertex AI Vision, a machine learning platform as a service (ML PaaS) was introduced to the toolkit, complete with features like text embeddings API and word completion powered by PaLM 2. Google Cloud now proudly offers a trifecta of first-party, open-source, and third-party models thanks to Meta’s Llama 2 and TII’s Falcon. The newly released Model Garden feature on the Cloud Platform will make it simple to access these models.

Adding Duet AI to Google Workspace to enhance it

Google announced “Duet AI” during I/O 2023 as the embodiment of generative AI elements in Workspace, in a project reminiscent to Microsoft’s Copilot. Duet AI for Google Workspace has now opened its doors for all users to explore through a free trial, after originally only being accessible to testers who had been invited. This artificial intelligence-powered development interface gives Google Cloud platform developers access to Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs, and other services. Google aims to infuse its productivity tools with the magic of generative AI, from helping with email answers with “Help me write” to organizing orderly data sheets with “Help me organize” and creating AI-generated visuals with “Help me visualize.”

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Raising the Bar with AI-Powered Improvements

Google’s strategic usage of generative AI is a key advancement as the cloud computing market rivalry heats up. The digital behemoth is positioning itself to provide more effective and natural user experiences through Vertex AI’s growth and Duet AI’s inclusion into Google Workspace. As Google works to fully use the potential of artificial intelligence in its products, the future will certainly bring forth more exciting discoveries.

Google is using AI to alter user experiences and company processes in a world where the cloud landscape is constantly changing. With these fascinating details from Cloud Next 2023, Google’s dedication to influencing the future is once more brought to the attention of the IT community.

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