Figma Faces Regulatory Hurdles: EU Scrutinizes Adobe’s $20 Billion Buyout Bid

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey November 20, 2023
Updated 2023/11/20 at 4:41 PM

First of all,
The regulatory spotlight is focused on cloud-based designer platform Figma in the constantly changing world of IT acquisitions. The antitrust investigator of the European Union is investigating complaints about Adobe’s substantial $20 billion offer to purchase Figma, the well-known cloud-based design tool with a stellar reputation for teamwork.

Adobe acquires design software firm Figma for $20 billion | Companies News  | Zee News
EU’s Vigilant Gaze:

Concerned that Adobe’s proposed purchase may hinder competition in the worldwide market for interactive product design tools, the European Commission had launched a thorough inquiry in August. There are concerns over the dynamics of the market and the effects on competitors arising from the possible combination of industry leaders Figma and Adobe.

Figma’s Reaction:

On Friday, Figma released a statement in response to the EU’s declaration of complaints, pledging to thoroughly examine the issues brought up. The San Francisco-based startup highlighted that it is still having positive discussions with Adobe about the prospective transaction, even though internet behemoths like Zoom, Airbnb, and Coinbase use its collaboration platform.

Adobe’s Position and Recourse-Openness:

Photoshop creator Adobe is still in the news after its general counsel, Dana Rao, expressed a readiness to provide solutions to regulatory issues. The importance of this evaluation is highlighted by the worldwide trend of increased regulatory scrutiny around Big Tech acquisitions, particularly those that have the potential to bolster market dominance or influence up-and-coming competitors.

Global Regulatory Environment: In addition to the EU, the UK’s competition authority is also investigating the specifics of the Adobe-Figma transaction, carrying out a thorough investigation to guarantee a thorough evaluation.

In summary:

The tech community awaits Figma’s maneuvering through the complex maze of regulatory obstacles. The results of this investigation will influence not just the success of Adobe’s bold takeover offer but also the continuing conversation about how big acquisitions affect market competitiveness.


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